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Butteopia is a photo, history compilation of Butte, Montana - the Butte photography book.  Featuring 251 pages of photos, all taken in Butte, Montana.
If you have an interest in Butte, the West,or the history or Montana, you'll love Butteopia. It's a unique look at Butte, the new Butte and the old Butte,
a real Butte book. A true Montana, book.  By genuine  Montana photographers. For those of us familiar with Butte, Montana it's not always easy to
see to see the sentimental beauty associated with its decline.  Caruso has sung at the opera house. Al Capone used to get off the train just to eat in Meaderville. Dashiell Hammett was a Pinkerton detective.  Evel Knievel invented extreme sports. Luigi, Dirtymouth Jean, Tony the Trader, Steve Shoeshine, the list goes on like a "who's who" of characters.

The richest hill on earth, it wired the world. Built on color and greed, it's a tough camp indeed even today. Now the old city is disappearing.
Slowly going the way of corporate America. Here it is documented, like a fractured gem. Butte, America.

Silver Street Group Ltd.